Airbnb discount code – 25€ off, up to 40€

Are you planning your next holidays and searching for some real Airbnb coupons to save some bucks? 🙂 You just landed on the right place, here you have an Airbnb discount code to get 25 euros (or more) off your first booking!

If you already found your perfect stay and you’re searching for a coupon, I’m going to show you the way to get some money off with this Airbnb coupon. Yes, this is like the old famous 25 euros fixed coupon, that has recently changed with different rules and you can now save from 10 to 40€ on your booking:

  • If the room price is at least 200€ (excluding taxes and other costs) you get 10€ off;
  • Over 400€ you save 20€;
  • Over 600€ you save 30€;
  • Over 800€ you save the maximum: 40€.

Not only this: you will also get another 10€ coupon vaild to book any of the available Airbnb experiences worth a price of at least 40 euros.

This Airbnb discount code does not expire, so you can use whenever you’re reading this post! (except if Airbnb changes his mind somewhen in the future and stop offering the discount, but I can’t forecast this :lol:)

How to get the new Airbnb discount code step by step

Very easy: signup for a new Airbnb account clicking the link below, (so if you already booked with Airbnb in the past just logoff and join with a different email address!).

Let’s see how to do step by step:

  • Logoff your current Airbnb profile (if you already have one, otherwise proceed to next step)
  • Click this link, if you have a second browser to use it’s even better but that’s not mandatory.
  • An Airbnb page will open with a form in foreground asking your registration details to create the new account. If you first want to read more info you can close the popup and have a look at the information underneath. Otherwise you can join, choose to sign up with an email address you didn’t already use to book on Airbnb.
  • After signing up, check on the profile page and in a short while you should see the credit added to your account.
  • Finally choose your favourite stay, proceed to the booking page, and you’ll see on the summary page just before the confirmation how much discount you get: 10€, 20€, 30€ or 40€ off the price!

Done! 🙂

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