Airbnb discount code 25€ off ENDED – which alternatives?

April 2021: Airbnb just stopped the invitation program! Discounts, coupons or invitation links you can still find on the web, are no longer working. Keep reading to check an alternative.

Are you planning your next holidays and searching for some real Airbnb coupons to save some bucks? 🙂 Are you searching for that old Airbnb discounts code and invitation links that have been working for the last couple years?

Well, bad news on this side, Airbnb recently dismissed the invitation program as you can see on the top of this page, so it’s no longer working.

What alternatives do we have right now? At this very moment there no Airbnb discounts available; as soon as the travel industry will start recovering and, consequently, Airbnb will offer coupons again, they will be published here, so stay tuned!

Airbnb discounts alternatives

So what are the alternatives?

In the meanwhile I can suggest you an interesting website called VRBO.

What is VRBO?

VRBO is a good alternative to Airbnb: this website is probably less known, but it also has a huge set of properties and apartments, it has the same layout so you won’t have any troubles coming from Airbnb. Rumors advertise it to have slightly cheaper commissions than Airbnb, so it may be good to check if that’s true or not for your chosen destination.

Differences between Airbnb and VRBO

Even if still quite unknown in many countries, VRBO belongs to Expedia network, so it’s a choice with a safe background for sure.

Here some differences and analogies between VRBO and Airbnb:

  • VRBO shows a lot of houses and apartments that aren’t available on Airbnb (but the opposite is also true), so you may find a good option that you still didn’t know;
  • Do you remember the old Homeaway website? It has been acquired by VRBO: so more results available;
  • If you are searching for high profile houses, VRBO has more than competitors ;
  • On the other side if you are searching for shared rooms or private rooms in a shared house, you won’t find them on VRBO;
  • Finally, the VRBO view on the final price of your stay is more clear: you can see immediately total price and commission, instead of 2-3-4 different lines with prices, commission, cleaning fines and so on as Airbnb;
  • Cancellation policies are pretty similar on both sites: be sure to check them on the page of each property you’re interested into.

So why should you have a look at VRBO? Easy: it may not be a miracle solution, but it could happen that you find a cheaper stay or a property that is more cool than your previous one!

Click here to visit VRBO website. 🙂

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