Hotels discount code: 10% or more on Hotels,Expedia,Booking with TRVL – CLOSED

Edit August 19th 2019 : This promo and discount code is no longer active. Signup is no more available so therefore no more signup bonus. You can now access the platform only if you already have an existing account.

For anybody who already booked a room with TRVL in the past months, here is the new login link to check your account after they moved the website to a new domain name

There’s also another bad news: in the last few weeks they also introduced a minimum payout threshold of 50$ before you can retrieve the commission you earned. If you have less than 50$ in your balance the only way to retrieve them is booking another room with your existing account getting some more cash in commission so that you reach the thershold and can retrieve all the balance.

Below you can still see the original guide just in case you need to book some other room the reach the mentioned threshold.

For other kind of coupons check out regularly the Coupons page.


Hi guys! Today I’m going to teach you how to get a Hotels discount to save more than 10% off any hotel or apartment you want to reserve on,, Expedia and others, with the brand new website TRVL!

The hotels discount you can get is, more in deep, about 5-7% of the full price of the reservation, plus a fixed amount of 20 US Dollars regardless of your room’s price. TRVL is definitely going to become the definitive way to book hotels! 🙂

This way to get hotels discounts has no expire date, so you can use this technique anytime!

Let’s see better how it works and how much you can save when booking your rooms.

TRVL: the new definitive way to get Hotels discounts

TRVL is a new hotel search engine aggregator: something like Trivago if you already know it.

The power of TRVL is that, after showing you all the rooms and results that any other search engine like Trivago could show you, is that they let you save money on the reservation. How? Giving you back the affiliation commissions that TRVL gets from the booking website (Expedia, or, a commission that other aggregators like Trivago totally keep for themselves!

How much can I save on my booking?

The hotels discount you can get for each booking is made of:

  • a variable amount between 5% and 7% of the reservation total price;
  • plus a fixed amount of 20 USD.

Let’s see both more in detail.

The variable amount (5%/7%) is shown already in the search results, even before clicking any hotel link, so that you can calculate how much will be the exact hotels discount on your rooms on Expedia/Booking/Hotels and many more, like in this example:

TRVL - sconto expedia, booking,

This percentage is based on many factors like hotel, website, season and special offers. Normally it’s something in between 5% and 7% but sometimes there are some special weeks (like black friday, Christmas…) when it is raised to 10%. You’ll be notified of each special offer after joining TRVL.

You’ll also get a fixed bonus of 20$ (US Dollars) if you make your reservation after joining TRVL clicking my invitation link! Don’t worry if USD is not your home currency, TRVL will automatically convert them to your local currency.

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Let’s stop talking and see how to get hotels discounts step by step!

So why did I talk about “more than 10%” hotels discount on the title?

Because for all hotel bookings under 500$, the 20$ plus 5%-7% are much more than 10% of the total price!

Let’s see some examples:

Reservation price How much is 20$ + 5%/7% Total hotel discount you get
100$ 25/27$ 25%/27%
200$ 30/34$ 15%/17%
300$ 35/41$ 11.6%/13.6%
400$ 40/48$ 10%/12%
500$ 45/55$ 9%/11%

So you get hotels discounts up to 25% for cheap or short bookings! 🙂 You can travel the weekend more often now!

How to get the hotels discounts: step by step

Ready? Let’s go!

  • Click this invitation link to open TRVL website: the invitation is needed to get the 20$ fixed bonus on the reservation; Login to your existing account and sign in; if you don’t already have one you can’t proceed.
  • Scroll down the page almost to the bottom and click on “Sign Up” link to join TRVL, you can choose to do it with a social network account to be quick or filling email and password fields and clicking “Sign up with email”;
  • After logging in, search your destination or your favourite hotel like you would do on Trivago, Expedia or any other similar site. You’ll get the results from all of them. You’ll see the price for your days and under the price you’ll find a green label showing how much will be your commission;
  • When you’ve found your hotel, click “View deal” to see hotel details and rooms;
  • choose now your favourite rooms selecting 1 under “Rooms” then click “Book room”:
Hotels discount - booking discounts - expedia coupon
room selection on TRVL
  • Now you just need to pay your room: at payment time you’ll need to pay the whole price, because TRVL works with commissions they get when you end your stay. the double hotel discount (so the money written in the green label) will be credited back to you 30 days (usually even less) after your confirmed stay and automatically converted in your local currency.
  • When this money is ready you can then redeem clicking on your nome on the top right corner of the page, clicking “Commission” then “Add bank account” to fill in your details and get your money! 🙂


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