Why this Travel Tips website

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Another Travel Blog?

Maybe, maybe not.

I started this site thinking about a way to share some tips, opinions and guides on what to do, what to visit an how to save money while travelling.

“Travel more, travel cheap, don’t be a sheep”

Internet is full of articles, pieces of advice, travel stories, books on what to see abroad, but I feel that searching information before jumping on a trip is still a hard task, sometimes confusing, sometimes time wasting.

Rosa dei Venti - Lisbona
My trip to Belèm – Lisbon

I’ve been working in the tourism (well, actually you don’t need to do that to notice this) and I saw a lot of people travelling without any idea of where they were.

This may be cool for somebody catching an adventure or getting a last-minute offer, but when it happens (and it did) that somebody asks you how to get to “San Marco square” in Venice by car, and then complains about the lack of facilities when you tell he can’t get there by car, it means that things are running out of control.

Anyway, apart from that funny extreme situations, I believe that people tend to visit only the same common famous places (sometimes like sheep in fact, that’s where catch-phrase of the website comes from), losing the opportunity to see many other stunning things behind the corner just because of not knowing them, or spending much more money than necessary because of not being aware of some precious tips.

So here on Always on Board and on the official facebook page you’ll find tips and tricks to save money, enjoy more, travel more and in a smarter way!

If you like the idea, wanna share, ask for something or work together, feel free to contact me!

Good journey! 🙂