Booking discount codes and promo – 15% off valid now

a This page is meant to collect and keep up to date all the ways to get a Booking discount, code or promo available to save money when booking rooms or accomodations on the well-known platform.

Ways to get a Booking discount valid now

Some of you, last year, were used to get a Booking discount worth 10% of the total price with the old “Invite a friend” program (that let you get that 10% back on your credit card after a completed stay). That Booking promo is no longer working as officially shut it down since October 2019.

There are some good news anyway: At the moment there’s another promo that lets you get Booking discounts, worth a minimum of 15% (but sometimes up to 40-50%), that are already applied at booking time, so you don’t need anymore to pay the whole sum in advance and wait to get the reimbursement back like the last year! 🙂

Booking discount 15% or more

Let’s then see this new method to find hotels, hostels, rooms or apartment with a booking discount worth 15% of the price and sometimes even more.

Basically this method consists in accessing a bunch of discounted offers that calls “Holiday deals” or “Secret deals” or something similar, based on the moment. These promos are going to change time by time, so it’s better giving a look often at what is available: you may find an offer that’s even more intriguing than that nice hotel you were thinking about! 🙂

Now let’s see how to do, step-by-step:

  • Close any page already open on your browser, if any, then open the special deals page.
  • The first thing you’ll see is a page with a list of cities, one for each box of the page. If the city you’re going to visit is one of them click on the city’s name, otherwise type it in the search field.
  • Now set your travel dates and you’ll get a list of available hotels, very similar to the common result page you’re used to see on but with a slight difference: on the first results there will be some hotels giving a booking discount worth at least 15% for trips until 4th January 2021.
    You can distinguish them because of the orange label “Secret Deal”, “Holiday Deal” o whatever name they choose that week. Below you can see an example, took from the italian version of the website.
sconto booking
Note the orange Deal label and the further opportunity to sum also another 10% of Booking discount with Genius
  • Not only this: if you’re a “Genius” member on and you log in with your own credentials, you’ll find enabled also the “Genius” yellow label on selected hotels, allowing you to sum another 10% Booking discount!
  • Now you choose your favourite room, book it as usual this time without any need of special Booking codes or waiting the checkout to get back the money: the Booking discount is already applied at the beginning! 🙂

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