Malta’s Blue Lagoon – You should know this… then swim to a “desert” island!

Getting to a desert island by swimming looks like a pretty nice dream, isn’t it? Well, there is actually (at least one) way to do it, like at Malta’s Blue Lagoon, I’m going to explain you how to do that later on this post!

But first let’s take a step back.

Today I’m going to show you one of the main attractives in Malta, the Blue Lagoon.

What is that?

Don’t let the name confuse you, it’s not a lagoon but it is a part of sea between the island Comino (Kemmuna) and Kemmunett, both belonging to Malta.

Malta Blue lagoon
The Blue Lagoon in Malta

Its success came thanks to its clear water and the bright sand that makes the sea really brilliant also because it is not so deep, just a few meters. With the right light it looks almost like a caribbean paradise, probably one of the best beaches in Malta.

Cool! I’ll get there now!

Sure! But before getting to Blue lagoon there are a couple things you should know to live this experience at the best and avoiding headaches.

Getting to Blue Lagoon (the yellow dot on the map) that is located on the Comino island, you need to jump on one of the many ferries available, the most of them leaving from Sliema (the green dot on the map, if you are staying in St.Julian – La Valletta that’s the better option), but also from Bugibba and Cirkewwa , marked blue on the map.

What you need to know is that :

  • most of these ferries run about at the same time, bringing you there in the morning (about 9-10 am) and collecting people back in the afternoon about 3-4 pm.
  • The beach in front of the Blue Lagoon is really little, so if it’s really crowded it may be hard to find some space to stay.

That’s not a big issue if you are visiting Blue Lagoon in spring or autumn, but if you get there in the summer this may be bad both for high temperatures, because there are no trees on the island to stay under for a break nor building like bars or restaurants (just some stands for hotdogs or drinks) and because of the lack of space to stay near the sea.

Then what??

Easy! get to Sliema, on the walkside pointed in green on the map, at least one day before so you can book without any risk: there you’ll find a lot of stands with guys asking you if you want to go to Comino (they also offer trips to Gozo, trips with speed-boats, watersports… ) and one of them has an afteroon trip , instead of the canonical morning trip, that leaves at 1 pm (so you are going to be in Kemmuna around 2 pm) and collect you back at 7 pm. Specifically ask for that afternoon tour if they don’t speak about it.

(On that same walkway you can also enjoy the typical Pastizzi which I will show you on another post…)

That’s a perfect time because you can get to Kemmuna at a less hot time and in about one hour people will start to leave, gifting you of a more peaceful experience. The price of this tour should be the same of the morning, around 15 euros per person (or a little less like 13 euros if you are a group).

Blue Lagoon before sunset

But.. you were speaking about a desert island! Where is it?

Ok, now we are ready for it! 😆

All the boats and ferries get to Comino island as we said before, but about 150 meters in front of the beach there is a smaller little island called Kemmunett, that has too a nice beach facing the lagoon, that in my opinion is even better.

Many people just don’t think about getting there or they think to do it but then give up because they don’t know where to leave phones, wallets and other stuff while swimming from one island to the other one.

But here’s the solution! (got from a friend who got there before me! 😀 ).
Buy (or bring with you if you don’t mind inflating it) a beach airbed from the stand available on the beach, that will also inflate it for you and give you some black bags to put your stuff in. Then put all your stuff on the airbed and go swimming while pushing the airbed! 😆

When you get to the other side, the view is amazing, and the water is so calm and clear that you can just lay into the warm water if you wish, you can’t do this on the Comino side because of the rocks.

Kemmunett beach side – Comino on the other side

Don’t miss also other Kemmunett pleasures: a small cave and the possibility to walk up to the peak of the island, from which you can see a cliff on the west side and enjoy the view of all the four islands of Malta together.

Grotta Cominotto
Kemmunett Clff
le 4 isole di Malta
The four islands – click to enlarge

Is it worth it? Absolutely!

The last tip: while getting back on the ferry, if it goes through the west side of Comino, look at the Santa Maria Tower, that has been the stage for some parts of “Monte Cristo” movie:

Santa Maria tower - Kemmunett
Santa Maria tower – Kemmunett

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