5 good and cheap restaurants in Milan

Are you travelling to Milan, near “Milano Garibaldi” station and searching for a place to eat good food at an affordable price? Then I have some good news for you!

Milan is an expensive city compared to other parts of Italy, but here I’ll show you some good and cheap restaurants I personally tried where to eat good food with cheap bills.

Best restaurants in Milan Garibaldi zone

Let’s start with the map of the suggested restaurants in Milan:

Lunch in Milano Garibaldi

If you are in Milan searching a place for a fast lunch, the red pins on the map are the most advised restaurants:


Where: in front of the “Porta Garibaldi” gate.

This is a Napolitan Restaurant good for a fast lunch. It often offers full course menu at 11 euros or pizza with drink at 8 euros.

The full course menu has light but acceptable portions. Lots of people working in the surroundings is going there during their break, so service is fast, just pay attention to the time when you go to the cashdesk to pay before leaving, as you may find queue.


Where: on the nearest side of “Porta Garibaldi” gate.

Another Napolitan restaurant good for a quick lunch with full course menu and pizza menu around 10 euros. This is also suitable for dinner, with a nice choice of pizza, pasta, fish and other italian courses.

Ca’ Pelletti

Where: underground level at “Gae Aulenti” square.

Bolognese restaurant in Milan with a complete choice of Bolognese specialities. With 15-20 euros you can get a meal with dessert. Good for lunch but also a breakfast, with nice selections of typical “piadina”. Closed at night.

Where to eat at Dinner in Milan

If you’re staying for dinner instead you can try the restaurants in Milan with the brown pin on the map above:

Da Franco

Where: Via Carlo Farini

Pugliese restaurant in Milan. This is really small but traditional with very tasty fishes and pasta at an affordable price. It’s better booking at least some hours in advance as tables are limited.

A fish based full course dinner is around 25-30 euros.

milano garibaldi

Sciatt a Porter

Where: Viale Monte Grappa one minute after Porta Garibaldi gate.

Valtellinese Restaurant in Milan with a nice interior offering typical meals of “Valtellina”.

You should absolutely try Sciatt or Chisciol to begin, as they are really simple and tasty, then move on with a first course or a second course, probably not both as it could be difficult to eat all of that food.

You should also try pizzoccheri tasty and abundant (but also butter abundant 😆 ); I wouldn’t suggest meat instead as it’s expensive and you get a meager portion.

You’ll need around 30 euro for a complete dinner here.

Pizzocheri valtellinesi a Milano Garibaldi
Valtellina’s Pizzocheri : despite from the picture this plate is really big

Did you find other good places to eat in Milan? Write in the comments below! 😉

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