Stunning panoramas in Lanzarote – the Vineyards

Lanzarote, one of the 7 Canary islands, is full of stunning panoramas sometimes just unbelievable, that make people who looks at them feel like if they’re walking on another planet, sometimes Moon, sometimes Mars, sometimes just the perfect place to get inspiration and think about the meaning of life… 🙂

A single post would never be enough to show them all, so let’s start just with one! 🙂

In La Geria local people found the way to raise particular kind of winegards on the volcanic ground, completely black and rich in minerals.

Due to the wind blowing almost all year on Lanzarote, that may break the slim plants, they sit any single plant inside a hole to be repaired and avoid damages. This leads to a manual grapes collections, usually grapes of volcanic Malvasia, the most typical wine of Lanzarote.

Wow! How to get there?

You just need to drive on LZ-30 road, near “La Geria” town and stop the car on your favourite (but safe) spot to enjoy this unreal view that you won’t easily find elsewhere and, why not, take some pics.

Lanzarote Winegards - click to enlarge
Lanzarote Winegards – click to enlarge

The holes regularity makes them look like a hive if you are watching them from far away.

You can obviously taste also the final product, simply visiting one of the many local wine shops (or “Bodega del vino”) that are literally anywhere, you find them just by randomly driving your car!

Panoramic view – click to enlarge

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