Lagunero – the real big pastry

While strolling through Tenerife,  you may hit some “Lagunero“,typical pastry of the island, not just in the pastry shops but also in bars and restaurants.

It is a pastry made with puff pastry, glass and sugar usually rolled up like a spiral, but they are available in many sizes and varieties, some with chocolate also, and so on…

I had the luck to casually try them while I was in the middle of a cloud on Teide Natual Park (and I’m not joking!)

A huge spiral 20 cm diameter or maybe more, found at a friendly price, around 2 euros!

Finally a pastry with the “right” size, that leaves you with a satisfaction feeling, unlike most pastries that are so little that they just leave some dirt between your teeth without even feeling what they are tasting like! 😆

“Lagunero” : delighting your eyes and your mouth

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