Teide – Where you can walk over the clouds

If you’re in Tenerife, one of the tour you can’t miss out is on the Teide Natural Park.

A single post would never be enough to explain how much you can see and enjoy on Teide volcano, in fact here I’m going to just share with you how you can pass trough the clouds and get above them!

Teide is the main Tenerife’s volcano, reaching 3718 meters at his peak, surrounded by an upland about 2500 meters high that is the “caldera” (crater) of an ancient volcano that generated Tenerife island.

Altopiano del Teide
Teide Natural Park – the upland and the Volcano

Teide works also like a “traffic light” for clouds moving around Canaries islands, if you are staying in Tenerife you’re easily going to see clouds getting stuck near the top of the volcano, moving slightly or borning from stratch on the opposite side… and so on 🙂

The most surprising thing is that when clouds are reaching Tenerife, you just need to move yourself like 10 km or wait half an hour to see the sun again. Or it may happen that you’re driving under a hot sun, getting into a rapid storm for a couple minutes and then finding the hot sun again.

So, it is true that Tenerife has microclimates. Not just for this cloud games, but mainly because the panoramas you’re going to see here and the plant life are radically changing on every corner of the island.

This kind of cloud games is what you’re likely to see while driving up to Teide, just like we experienced.

We jumped in the car in the morning, leaving from Las Americas, taking that road crossing Arona and Vilaflor. Even if we got from 0 to 2500 meters, the road is not hard at all, we didn’t even notice it!

Once got to Vilaflor, we stopped for a coffee and barraquito break, paid 0,80 euros each inside an empty but well kept restaurant, where the super-kind owner told us to not miss out the Corpus Domini celebration in “La Orotava” town, that I’ll show in another post, where all the road are totally covered by drawings and decoration made by flower petals!

And again in Vilaflor, the clear sun that was dominating until that moment suddenly left space to a huge fog, that we later undestood not being actual fog, but a real cloud.

We got that later, when out of the town the sun came back, and we saw the whole cloud from above:

Some activities you may like, before going on with the article:

Then when we reached the upland, we went for some excursions, and while the sky was totally clear, sometimes some little clouds came to us to say Hi :

After a couple hours it really was the time to get some food, so we run to Las Cañadas del Teide, that is probably the only place on the Teide upland where you can find some restaurants or just food, that are in fact full of travellers.

Here again, just a few meters before the restaurant, we got through another cloud. You can clearly feel the little drops getting on your face, (and inside your bones too, the humidity is so high that you feel like 10-15 degrees less than a minute before), so you definitely need a jacket!

Into the cloud
Into the cloud

While you’re there, gift yourself with a “lagunero : it’s a big and sweet pastry large 20cm or maybe more, made by puff pastry, and sugar. Definitely worth it!

Il “lagunero” : spettacolo per il palato

After that we moved out of the cloud for the last walking tours, then went down the north side of the volcano (that is completely different from the south side!) until La Orotava town, to see the Corpus Domini celebration.

But this is a different story! 🙂 (soon available…)

Keep in touch for other posts about Teide, Tenerife, Canary islands and their beautiness!

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