Tajinaste Rojo – the “Flower Power” plant

Walking on Tenerife and especially on Teide Natural Park , you’re very likely to see many plants of Tajinaste Rojo , a flower plant that looks like something coming from another planet, due to how tall it is and the way its leaves lay on the ground.

Red Tajinaste
An average plant of Red Tajinaste

This plant can reach up to 2 meters in height, and a remarkable diameters of 50 centimeters; during the flowering season it’s almost completely covered by little red flowers except on its base where there’s also room for a few leaves laying down.

Fiori di Tajinaste Rojo
Detail of its flowers

The Tajinaste plants are endemic of Canary Islands, but the red one (Rojo) is typical of Tenerife. Other kind of Tajinaste are around other islands, like Azul and Blanco that have blue and white flowers instead, as the names imply.

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