Best beaches in Mallorca – North

Hi again with the last guide about the best beaches in Mallorca. Here I’ll show you…

The Best Beaches in Mallorca’s
Northern coast

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Reminder: Mallorca has more than 300 beaches, so don’t get upset if some you know are missing 🙂 These guides want to be sort of itinerary, that I created after searching for and personally visiting them all, to help out anybody searching for the same information and let you optimize your time if you only have a few days in Mallorca. These will help you to see all the best Mallorca’s beaches in my opinion!

Let’s start with the map that will help us identifying the best Maiorca’s beaches on Northern coast: As usual Yellow pins mark the beaches and blue pins mark the places where you should set your GPS to park the car easily and for free!

These beaches are located in different sides of Mallorca, so it is almost impossible visiting them all in a single day. I really advice you to plan 2-3 days in Mallorca Northern side to see these beaches.

And if you booked an accomodation in the south keep in mind that you need at more than 2 hours to cross the island from corner to corner.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time so I couldn’t personally visit them all, and that is why this guide is shorter than the others. I’ll begin showing you something about Playa de Muro (also known as Playa de Alcudia as it faces in front of Bahia de Alcudia).

Then I’ll list you the other nice beaches that you should visit (and I should too if I get there again!) but there will be no personal opinions about them like I wrote in the south-east and south-west coast guides!


Playa de Alcudia – Playa de Muro

Score : 8/10
Facilities : Yes, a lot
Hard-to-reach : Easy

Playa de Alcudia – Playa de Muro is the longest beach facing north side of Mallorca, on the Alcudia Bay, and deserves to be listed as one of the best beaches in Mallorca.

Playa de Muro is a sandy beach made by especially light sand and it is very wide in the western side.

Some activities you may like, before going on with the article:

Here you can actually find any kind of facilities, but there are also some free places too. The walkside faces a lot of little houses and tiny bars/restaurant where you can eat or drink something actually keeping your feet on the sand.

Platja de Muro
Walkside in Playa de Muro

While moving through the eastern side of the bay you can find some natural zones instead, without any building.

Behind the beach there is a lot of urbanization, probably one of the biggest in Mallorca island, with lots of hotels, building and a 4-lanes road. There are anyway many free parkings (see blue pins on the map), many restaurants (and I suggest you looking at where to eat a special paella! ) and some places to party at night like “Menta Disco”.

If you have a full day here I strongly advice you hitting the historical city of Alcudia, that also can please you with an ancient Roman Arena (I’ll show you these with another post) the old rovines of Pollentia romanian city and, if you like panoramas with a light tower, go to Cap de Formentor, that is the most Northern point of Mallorca with an interesting view on the sea!

best beaches in Mallorca - Playa de Muro

And now, here we have the other best beaches in Mallorca nothern side:

Cala Mesquida

Cala Agulla

These two beaches, located in the northeast corner, are about 200-300 meters wide and a little more naturalistic than the complex Playa de Muro, so they are good for who’s searching for some relax and a very clear water.

You won’t feel the lack of facilities anyway, beacuse at a short distance there are two little towns, called like the beaches: Cala Mesquida and Cala Agulla.

Cala Millor

This beach on the eastern side is longer than the previous and located behind an urbanization. This is something like Playa de Muro.

Port de Sa Calobra – Torrent de Pareis

This last one is something you can’t miss out. We are talking about a stones beach, located on the western side of Mallorca, that is just at the end of a rocky valley. This is more difficult to reach (because you have to ride a road that is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Europe!) but it needs to be included in the list of the best beaches in Mallorca thanks to its stunning views (if you look at some Google pictures you can understand what I mean!).

If you go there you have to drive until the blue pin and then walk to the yellow pin to reach the beach.

Wake up early if you want to go there, as after 2 pm the beach goes to shadow!

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Keep in touch for the other guides about the Mallorca attractions!

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