Where to eat Paella in Mallorca

Mallorca is not much far from the city where paella was born: Valencia; that’s why you shouldn’t miss some good paellas while staying in Mallorca!

Personally I found Mallorca’s paellas like the better I tried so far.,. have I just been lucky? Don’t know but in the meanwhile I’ll share with you where to go to find an excellent paella for sure, so take note!

El Toro Restaurant – Carrer Astoria, Playa de Alcudia

The first restaurant is located in the Northern side of Mallorca, just behind playa de Alcudia, that seems to be a little bit more “vip side” than the other well known corners of the island.

But Paella still has a regular price, because of being a very typical meal, around 13-14 euro per person. Here you have directions to get on place:

We casually found this restaurant while searching for a place to have dinner, before jumping back in the car on the way to our apartment in Palmanova, about 1 hour away.

The main road on the side of Playa de Alcudia is full of bars and little restaurant, but there is a lot of traffic too, so we didn’t want to stay on the main road eating food and gasoline. So we went further into the secondary streets, until we found this laid back restaurant “el Toro”, that convinced us also for being entirely wood made!

Here you can try paellas with meat, with seafood, mixed, with vegetables only or with “caracoles” (that are big snails), paying between 13 and 15 euro per person.

Well… any word wouldn’t be enough to tell how tasty was the rice and the variety of seafood into it. Unfortunately I don’t have any picture because I just throw myself in eating it! 😆

Here you can also ask paella for one person, instead of the “min. 2 people” that usually is found and, nice plus, they bring you also the bowl with soap and water to clean your fingers after touching seafood.

S’era Restaurant – Carrer son Amer, Es Llombards

Even this second restaurant was found accidentally… to be accurate I would say in a hurry!

It was almost 4:30 pm of a day when we woke up after 11 am ( come on, we were in Mallorca, partying was needed 😀 ) and then moved to the eastern side of the island to see the Cala Llombards beach.

This stunning beach (that I’ll show you on another post!) has only one “Chiringuito” on the sand, with really high prices compared to the island’s average, probably taking advantage from the lack of any other bar or restaurants around but just bungalows and similar, so finding another place to eat requires jumping in the car and running a few kilometers backward.

That is exactly what we did. Hunger at that time was calling us so we run at the first town (Es Llombards) and, worried to find everything closed, we stopped at the first “Restaurant” sign without even watching.

We asked if it was still open and the woman let us sit without any problem. Then we took a seafood paella, that was also cheap, that was around 12 euro each.

Paella in Mallorca
Paella at “S’Era”

It was 5 pm when we started eating: this was so good and the mussels were unforgettable… really big but also extremely tasty, maybe just caught, really a pleasure!

So, if you are in a hurry or if you are plannig your meals, now you know where to enjoy spicy Paella in Mallorca!

Keep in touch for other articles about Mallorca beautiness!

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