What to eat in Valencia – Fartons

If you get in Valencia for holiday or just a day for work, one of the sweet things you really can’t miss out are Fartons, that belong to typical valencian food.

A “Farton” is a kind of soft brioche with a longer and tighter shape, with some sugar on one side. As usual a picture is worth more than thousand words!

Farton - typical Valencia's pastry
Sorry.. I couldn’t shoot before biting it!

They say fartons was born to be dipped into “orxata” (that’s a vegetal drink, another typical product of Valencia, that we’ll see on another post).

Fartons are pretty light, as their price is; if you buy them singularly at a street stand you can pay them 1 euro each, but if you buy them at the “Mercat Central” of Valencia (and I believe also in the pastry shops) you pay just 1,50 euro for 5 of them, that are enough food for a solid breakfast or snack for two people.. so a cheap delight! 🙂

Fartons probably conquered all Spain, in fact I found them also at a pastry shop in Corralejo (Fuerteventura), having an even cheaper price (1 euro for 5).

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