Torre de Miguelete – Valencia all around you

Torre de Miguelete is something you can’t miss out while staying in Valencia.

Maybe you also like narrow stairs? Then this is a must do for you! After that you are going to appreciate more the Metro stairs when you’ll get back in your town 😛

The tower, also called “El Micalet“, is basically the bell tower of the main Valencia’s cathedral, but one of the most remarkable things to know is that while you’re on top of it, you can see the  whole Valencia city .

Torre de Miguelete
Torre de Miguelete seen by the Plaza de la Reina side

To do that, just walk the Cathedral door facing Plaza de la Reina, (the door out of the three nearest to the tower) and on the left side you are going to see a passage that brings you to the base tower, but first, pay the ticket! It is just 2 euro, or 1 euro if you’re a student.

Now get ready to walk up 207 narrow steps, but pay attention to people walking down as you are going to need to move on a side.

The steps
The steps

Don’t be scared anyway, getting on top is easier than what I tought, just be warned that the last few meters of the stairs are more narrow than before, so you really need to stop and push on the side if somebody comes from the opposite 😆

Last steps narrowing
Last steps narrowing

Once on top, at about 51 meters height, you’ll enjoy a stunning view: you can see the whole city in front of you and shoot some pics… but is better move your camera behind the protection grid, that unfortunately looks like a jail 😆

Viewpoint from Miguelete Tower
North Viewpoint

The tower is one of the highest point of the city, probably only some recent building in the suburbs looks higher, but they are far enough so they’re not hiding your view that much.
I’ve been on the tower in the afternoon, but probably the sunset may gift you of the best sensation… if somebody of you tried it, let me know! 🙂

Moving your camera behind the jail grid you can also try a timelapse video like this (but you need a stable hand because of no foothold available) !

At the end, after getting down the tower, please yourself with some Fartons on any pastry shop! 🙂

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