What to eat in Japan – Sweet Melon Pan!

I know, you are leaving for eastern Asia and you’re already thinking about what to eat in Japan! And you’re right, because there are lots of food you really must try!

There’s a long list about good food in Japan, but today I’m going to start with a sweet pastry: Melon Pan.

Melon Pan is a typical japanese pastry, but is known also in other’s asian countries.

It’s basically made of sweet puff pastry with sugar on top, and it’s big like a sandwitch!

In Japan you can find classic Melon pan, that is not filled with anything (and trust me, it’s good enough!), or you can find with ice cream inside, for example green tea ice cream.

MelonPan Tokyo
A classic Melon Pan

I think this pastry it’s the best way to have breakfast in Japan!

Where can I find Melon Pan?

If you’re visiting Tokyo, you can find a couple Melon Pan shops for example in Asakusa.

Walking through the famous road from Kaminarimon street to Sensoji Temple, you’ll find some signs with a Melon Pan pictures and some arrows that will invite you to move to a side street where you’ll find a pastry shop serving freshly baked Melonpans.

At my last visit classic MelonPan (that I suggest you to try) it’s 200 Yen (about 1.50 with current exchange rates), or 450 Yen for an ice-cream filled one.

melonpan shop
A Melon Pan shop in Asakusa

If you’re not around Asakusa, I still have good news; you can find this fantastic pastry in other bakery shops and also at some supermarkets.

Even if not freshly baked, also the supermarket’s one is really good! I tried it!

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