Best beaches in Mallorca – SouthEast

Here we are with another part of a set of guides about the best Mallorca’s beaches. This time we are going to see…

The Best Mallorca’s beaches on
SouthEast coast

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Reminder: Mallorca has more than 300 beaches, so don’t get upset if some you know are missing 🙂 These guides want to be sort of itinerary, that I created after searching for and personally visiting them all, to help out anybody searching for the same information and let you optimize your time if you only have a few days in Mallorca. These will help you to see all the best Mallorca’s beaches in my opinion!

Let’s start with the map that will help us identifying the best Maiorca’s beaches on SouthEast coast:

  • Yellow pins mark the beaches you really can’t miss out, the ones you should visit if you are staying just one day on this side of Mallorca;
  • Orange pins mark other nice beaches you can add to your list if you can afford two or more days here;
  • Sometimes you’ll find also blue pins: these show the places where you should set your GPS to park the car when is not easy to find a place. If there’s no pin near a beach then it means you can easily find parking at the end of the nearest street!

Playa Es Trenc

Score : 8/10
Facilities : Yes but not everywhere
Hard-to-reach : Easy

Playa d'Es trenc
Playa d’Es trenc

Playa d’Es Trenc is one of the best Maiorca’s beaches. It is one of the most famous and snapped in this island.

Es Trenc is a very long sandy beach (about 4 kilometers) that is suitable for everybody.

Thanks to its wideness you can step on it by different accesses (that’s why you find more pins about Es Trenc on my map):

  • From the western side, where there’s a street with some free parkings;
  • At “Ses Covetes”, near the middle of the beach, where you can find many parkings, most of them at 1 €/h fee;
  • From its most famous access, near the eastern side, where there is a fixed price parking (6 € all day) but pay attention that the road is not fully asphalted, so pay attention to the insurance offered by your car rental company 😉 )

At Es Trenc you can find both free beaches without any building around or naturist zones and others where some facilities, sunbeds and umbrellas are available (usually near the accesses and the bars).

So having a walk on the seaside will let you enjoy all the variety in Playa de Es Trenc.

May be  worth a try some chiringuitos (little bars) on the easterns side of Es Trenc, that makes happy hours with music before the sunset 🙂

About Es Trenc water quality… I’ve been unlucky that afternoon: sea was pushing to river some mud so bathing was not that enjoyable.

Some activities you may like, before going on with the article:

Playa del Arenal / S’Arenal

Score : 7/10
Facilities : Yes
Hard-to-reach : Easy

Playa el Arenal
Playa del Arenal at sunset time

El Arenal / S’Arenal is one of the most famous touristic destinations on the island, the favourite one by German speaking people, (that’s why you can find restaurants and bars with german waiters and menus) and just behind a nice and wide promenade you can find this long and spacious sandy beach.

Water quality is good, this Playa del Arenal could then be a good choice if you want to stay for the night, looking at a stunning sunset and having a night out in S’Arenal, where you can find some huge and free discopubs like Mega Park and Bierkonig (but will talk about this on another post!)

All facilities are available, free wifi on the beach, and there are some “Balnearios” (bars) on the promenade here and there, so that you won’t miss something to drink!

Many free parkings are available if you drive to the blue pin, in Calle de les Meravelles.

Cala LLombards

Score : 9/10
Facilities : Yes but… pay attention
Hard-to-reach : Easy

Cala Llombards
Cala Llombards

Now a little rocky and sandy “cala”: Cala Llombards.

I think Cala Llombards is one of the best Mallorca’s beaches, it is wide and clean, water is really bright and on the right side you can find a rocky path that let you dip at a further point. (but pay attention!).

There are both sunbeds and places where you can put down your own towel, but be sure to bring an umbrella with you as there is little to no shadow points!

Now a picture worth thousand words:

cala llombards
Dipping from the path on the side

Now the bads: this beach has only one Chiringuito/bar, with many boards with messages like “no toilet for who is not a customers” and “stay at least 1 meter away from parrots” ?

The prices are also high : 3 – 5 euros for water and icecreams, 8-11 euros for sandwiches and salads, much higher than the Mallorca’s average prices.

That’s probably because there are no other places to buy some food around, you literally need to jump on the car and drive until the nearest town to find something else.

So: bring some food with you or get back to the town at lunch time! 🙂 and if you don’t know where to go, do as we did that day: reach Es Llombards and have a special paella!

Calò des Moro

We tried getting to this beach but didn’t succeed. Got to the neareast point, where there are many one way tight roads with lot of parkings on the side, we couldn’t find one single available parking, then we also got stuck in a queue for several minutes. After that we got hungry so we run away searching some food 😆 .

That’s why I don’t have any opinion about this beach, but looking at descriptions and at the huge number of cars parked (it was an afternoon during the week) it will probably be good! 🙂

Cala Pi,

Cala de Mondragò

I couldn’t see these too, but they should be worth a visit!

That’s all about the best Mallorca’s beaches in the Southeast side! Wanna see the best Mallorca’s beaches in the other sides of Mallorca? Click here:
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Keep in touch for the other guides about the Mallorca beaches and attractions!

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