Castell de Bellver – History in Mallorca

The Bellver castle ( “Castell de Bellver” in catalan) , is built on top of a hill just on the side of Palma city, in Mallorca island. This is one of the few european gothic castles with a completely circular shape.

Built and completed in 1311, was born as the Royal house, and then became a prison through the years.

Hitting Castell de Bellver is absolutely adviced if you want to see some clean and well kept historical building while you are staying in Mallorca.

Castell de Bellver
Entering the castle

You can visit the castle every day all week long, the ticket fare is 4 euro per person, except on sundays when it is free.

Here you can check the opening timetable for each day and season.

My advice is to get there on sunday, not much about saving on the entrance tickets, but because you can get there before visting Palma city, that I strongly recommend visiting on Sunday: in this way you can easily find parking in the city and also enjoy it without not so much traffic. But we are going to see Palma in another post. 🙂

Getting to Castell de Bellver is easy. just follow this pin:

At the end of the street you’ll find a parking, a little bar, some toilets and the castle entrance.

You can walk almost all around the castle (there was a little corner closed for working when I’ve been there); inside then you are going to find a detailed map of the rooms.

Walking into some of these rooms let you see some nice statues build on the ancient roman model, definitely worth to see.

Some activities you may like, before going on with the article:

Before leaving, get to the top of the castle to enjoy a breathtaking view of Palma city and the port!

On top of the castle

Once you’re enough, move on to Palma city, that we are going to see in another post! Stay tuned!

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