Fuerteventura – Morro Velosa statues and observatory

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While exploring Fuerteventura you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Morro Velosa Statues and the near observatory “Mirador de Morro Velosa”, that lets you see half of Fuerteventura island right under your feet.

How to get to Morro Velosa

Don’t worry, getting to Morro Velosa is neither difficult nor time consuming!

Morro Velosa Statues and the observatory are located at a short distance between each other, along the FV-30 road crossing through the heart of Fuerteventura.

Set your navigator to this point while I show you what you’re going to see! 🙂


Morro Velosa Statues

Morro Velosa – Fuerteventura 🇪🇸- 🇮🇹 Statue dei Re guanci – Queste statue alte 4 metri rappresentano i due re che si spartivano il dominio dell'isola di Fuerteventura prima della conquista spagnola. Leggi come arrivare su www.alwaysonboard.it (link nella bio) 🇬🇧 Ancient guanches kings of Fuerteventura – these two statues represent the ancient kings dominating Fuerteventura before Spanish invasion. Read the full article on www.alwaysonboard.it —===— follow for more pictures and free travel guides! #canaries #canarias #fuerteventura #king #statue #viaggiare #travel #learn #discover #storia #history #spain #holiday #visit #picoftheday #latituddevida #ig_canarias_ #todocanarias

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Morro Velosa Statues sized about 4 meters in height, represent Ayoze and Guize, the ancient guanches kings of Fuerteventura, that were dominating the island before Spanish conquerors attack.

Guanches is the name of the native population of canary islands, whose history and details are still not fully known nowadays.

The two kings were dominating half-island each, in a North-South separation. Even if the statues look so friendly, it looks like that their separation made weak the defensive trials from Spanish conquerors.

You can freely get under the statues. Just pay attention to correctly park your car, as the Morro Velosa statues are near two road curves.

Mirador de Morro Velosa

After this historical moment, have a break with a good Barraquito at a very special bar inside the Morro Velosa observatory building.

Mirador de Morro Velosa – Fuerteventura 🇪🇸- 🇮🇹 L'ingresso del mirador di Morro Velosa, dal quale potete godere di una Delle migliori vedute di Fuerteventura dall'alto, sedendo al tavolino di un bar. Leggi come arrivare su www.alwaysonboard.it (link nella bio) 🇬🇧 the entrance of Morro Velosa observatory, that can please you with a stunning view of half Fuerteventura right under your feet while drinking at the bar. Read how to get there on www.alwaysonboard.it —===— follow for more pictures and free travel guides! #canaries #canarias #fuerteventura #king #panorama #view #stunning #island #viaggiare #travel #learn #discover #storia #history #spain #holiday #visit #picoftheday #mirador

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The building is located on one of the higher points of the island, but not the highest one that’s called Pico de la Zarza, located at the south with its 821 meters.

Inside the Morro Velosa observatory building, you can find on the lower floor some pictures, videos and pieces of information about canary islands geology, island heights, nature and animals.

At higher floor instead, you’ll find a bar with reasonable prices that lets you enjoy a stunning view of Fuerteventura.

There are four tables with the best view, you may need to wait some minutes for taking a free one… but it’s worth the time! 😀

When at the table then, you’ll see in front of you just a glass and half Fuerteventura under your feet. If there’s a nice weather, you can see until the ocean at both west and east sides!

And last but not least, the little roads with little cars running down there… 🙂

mirador de morro velosa
the table staring at half Fuerteventura at Morro Velosa observatory

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