Playa de Sotavento – The changing beach

Playa de Sotavento is for sure a top beach good for any travel magazine cover. But there’s something more in it that makes it really special.

We’re on the south-east coast of Fuerteventura, near Costa Calma: while you get there, just after parking your car, you can immediately enjoy the beautiness of this beach, that has the capability to transform itself in a light blue lagoon… everything is up to the sea level!

Its particular shape consist in a tight border of sand on the sea side, that keeps the water level; the inner part of the beach instead is a little bit lower, so when the sea level is high, it gradually fulfills of water.

That’s the beach while the water is low:

Playa de sotavento
Playa de Sotavento

And that’s is how you see the beach when it fills up:

Playa de sotavento
Same beach when the water get inside.. except for me on the foreground!

The inner water then keeps moving on a constant and smooth movement, that let it warm up a little bit than the outer ocean water (that never exceed 21-22 degrees in the summer), gifting you with a nice sensation while walking into it. That’s for sure the perfect set to shoot some pics for any ladies underwear! 😆

On the opposite site of the lagoon you can find an hotel/resort, that put its beachbeds just a few meters from the lagoon, from which the point of view is probably stunning.

Playa de Sotavento is the perfect beach also if you have kids, because there are no big waves; a good choice also if you are visiting Fuerteventura in the winter and you are searching for quiet sea and quiet wind.

In fact if you are there in a windy day, you can avoid it laying close to the dune if wind is coming from north-west side as usually happens: here relax and silence are guaranteed.

Water is brilliant also in the inner lagoon, there are small fish coming visiting it!

Fish in the lagoon

So, if you are staying in Fuerteventura, Playa de Sotavento can’t miss out on your checklist! You just need to point your navi to the red dot 🙂

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