The 10 things you need to see in Skiathos

Are you leaving for Skiathos? Here’s your to-do list of the ten things to do and see in the greek island! 🙂

1- Try stunning Skiathos beaches

Skiathos is one of the Sporades islands in Greece that’s just about 10 kilometers wide but you’ll surprised to see how many beaches you can find here! Have a look to the guide to the best beaches in Skiathos! (guide available in italian language)

2- Jump on a boat trip to Lalaria Beach

Reach Skiathos Old Port (in front of Skiathos town) and you’ll find many boat trip possibilities. You can hang around the island, visit the beaches on the northern side of Skiathos or reach the near Skopelos island; one of the best tours that you really can’t miss is the trip to Lalaria Beach !

3- Visit the clock tower

Getting to the clock tower, located in Skiathos Town, you’ll have a nice view of the whole town and the eastern side of the island from the top (if the square is not too crowded!) 😆

Skiathos town - orologio
The clock tower in Skiathos Town

4- See planes landing and taking off

Skiathos airport is one of the smallest in the world, with a somehow short runaway that ends on the sea on both sides.

Moving to the south end of the runaway you can see just a few meters in front of you the planes turning around and boosting the engines while leaving, or the planes landing just over your head!

Always pay attention to the jet blast and don’t get too close to avoid getting injured!

A plane leaving from Skiathos Airport

5- Walk through the nature

Central and Northern sides of Skiathos are much more quiet than and green than the south. If you didn’t rent a car (that’s not necessary in my opinion), you can take the local bus, get down at stop number 23 and walk until Mandraki Beach, following a one kilometer long walkpath in the middle of the pines.

Here you’re going to hear only the sound of the wind.

Pineta a Skiathos

6- Visit Moni Evaggelistrias

Are you ready for a quiet morning? Go visiting the Monastery Evangelistras (Moni Evaggelistrias). From Skiathos Town, walk to the “bus station” (the first stop) where you’ll find attached on a tree the timetable to get to the monastery with a minibus.

Read this post to know everything about buses in Skiathos.

That minibus is going to run 3-4 times in the morning and another couple in the afternoon, ticket is 2 euros one way and you buy it from the driver. It’s enough as you won’t need more than 1-2 hours to see everything. Inside the monastery there’s also a museum, the entry is 2 euro.

Monastero di Skiathos

7- Have a drink on soft and coloured pillows

At the Old Port road you’ll find many bars available, especially in the night, some of these are located on a stairs road filled with pillows and couchs.

There’s a wonderful atmosphere here but be warned: cocktails are 12 euros each!

Locali a Skiathos

Bar con cuscini a Skiathos

8- Lose yourself in Skiathos Town’s little roads

After walking a bit through Papadiamantis street, the main street in Skiathos Town, full with restaurants, shops and coffee shops and with a lot of people walking at every time of the day, try some random roads on its side.

You’ll get pleased with some even more cute streets and, if you walk in the night, you’ll discover some more typical restaurants with tables and chairs in the middle of the street and people playing instruments and singing together.

Ristoranti tipici Skiathos

9- Lay down between pines, rocks and the sea

… and think about the meaning of life!
Some Skiathos’ beaches, like Agia Paraskevi, have a little zone where you can find a private corner for yourself to try the refreshing experience of laying down under a pine along the sea!

spiagge di skiathos - agia paraskevi

10- Try typical food

Last but not least, try some typical greek food like gyros-pita, a typical wrap made with a special kind of bread called “pita”, soft and delicious, with inside pork, vegetables and fries.

At some restaurants you can also try asking for a vegetarian pita: some of them will do it for you.

In both cases the price is very affordable, between 2,30 and 3 euros. They look small in the picture but trust me, if you are not extremely hungry one of them is enough to let you say “i’m done”!


You can ask for some “pita” (that particular typical greek bread used for gyrospita) also by itself (like the common bread on the table) usually for 0,50-0,60 euros, they bring you the pita hot and it’s delicious to eat it also by itself, try it!

Otherwise you can visit some pastry shop in the morning and try some typical pastry. You can find many with cheese, spinaches, or “feta” (a typical greek cheese), and they are really big.

Maybe you can buy some to bring for your lunch, as I did more than once. with 2 or 3 of these you can have a huge lunch, and the price is between 1,50 and 2 euros each.

Prodotti da forno Skiathos


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