How to get to Lalaria Beach and what you need to know

Hi guys! Today I’m going to tell you how to get to Lalaria Beach and some things you absolutely need to know before getting to this Skiathos’ greek beach to avoid a bad day!

Lalaria Beach

Lalaria Beach is a stunning beach located on the northern side of greek Skiathos island that wouldn’t need any presentations, just the following pic:

Get to Lalaria beach - spiagge di skiathos

I know you can’t believe it, but I didn’t use any filter taking this shot of Lalaria Beach. This is exactly what your eyes will see while you get to Lalaria Beach if the sun is shining.

This beach is totally made of white rounded pebbles, and it’s the only beach with this characteristic in Skiathos.

The fact that you can get to Lalaria Beach only by boat (there’s no way to get there by car and no way to walk down any walkpath) helps to keep it kind of magical.

Lalaria Beach it’s a pretty pristine beach, so there are no services on place, remember to bring some water with you!

How to get to Lalaria Beach

To get to Lalaria Beach you need to catch one of the many boat leaving from the old Skiathos’ port, that offer many different boat trips all around Skiathos and near greek islands.

how to get to Lalaria Beach
Approaching Lalaria Beach

But before booking one of these excursions to get to Lalaria Beach and other nice places around Skiathos there are many important things you need to know.

In Skiathos there are many boat trips

With the boat trips in Skiathos you can get to many of the following destinations, one or more of these with different combinations:

  • Lalaria Beach, the white candy pebbles beach you see in the pictures;
  • Kastro Beach, another beach located in the North of Skiathos, small and sandy;
  • Tsougrias beach, a nice beach located on the little Tsougrias island, a few kilometers south-east from Skiathos;
  • Skopelos, another greek island in the Sporades archipelago, more natural and relaxed,
  • various other possibilities and combinations that you’ll find on the signs in front of the boats or that they will personally show you walking walking in front of the port.

And now, let’s start with things you need to pay attention.


If you try checking some reviews on tripadvisor or similar websites about these boat tours, you’ll find plenty of bad reviews of people saying that the tour has been canceled or destination has changed without notice because boat members say that sea and wind conditions are not good enough to approach Lalaria beach.

Many of them are basically complaining about the fact that there was no notice and no refund after they’ve been brought to some different and not appealing beaches.

So, because of the “Meltemi” wind often blowing from the North of the island, that may cause a rough see, always check with an app like Windfinder the wind forecast for the day you want to get to Lalaria Beach.

The best would be checking that and booking the trip one day before, not many days in advance, as forecast may change again.

If you see that tomorrow wind is quiet, you can book and you probably won’t lose your money (as you need to pay in advance). Otherwise better wait another day.


The Time of the day

Lalaria Beach is a wonderful beach, but it has no shadow and no services nor umbrellas.

So, if you’re going in the middle of the day you should consider bringing with you some food and an umbrella.

Most of the boats going to Lalaria Beach usually leaves two times per day, the fist in the morning, leaving at 10 am and getting back at 2.30pm, and a second one in the afternoon, leaving around 3 pm and getting back at 7.30.

Travelling is around 40 minutes one way, so you should think about which one to book:

  • If you’re in Skiathos in the middle of the summer (June to mid August) you can choose the afternoon trip, that’s less crowded and there’s less risk to get sunburned than the midday hours.
  • If you get to Lalaria Beach after mid August instead, it’s better going with the morning tour, as in the afternoon the beach is going under a complete shadow of the hill and you can’t fully enjoy the water color.
Lalaria beach all'ombra
Lalaria beach under the hill’s shadow

The price!

I think boat companies are trying to ask different prices when on different days/months/moods.

For the classic Lalaria Beach 3 hours tour I paid 12.50 euro, but I read on some reviews that other paid different prices.

Kastro Beach

Before you get to Lalaria Beach, some boat trips also let you jump for one hour to Kastro Beach.

So instead of staying 3 hours in Lalaria, you can choose 1 hour in Kastro and almost 2 hours in Lalaria.

You can make your choice directly on the boat, just getting down at “first stop” or “second stop” 😀 .

Kastro beach is a little sandy and rocky beach not particularly stunning, except for its east corner where you can find nice colorful rocks and cristal waters!

Kastro Skiathos
The nice corner in Kastro Beach

At Kastro you may also find a bar and walk up the hill to see a few old town’s ruins.

Now that you know everything on Lalaria… it’s time to sail! But before, don’t forget to have a look at the 10 things to do in Skiathos and the full guide on Skiathos beaches!

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