Buses in Skiathos – Lines, routes and fares

Today I’m going to talk about transportations in Skiathos, and show you how to move around Skiathos by bus, that in my opinion is the best way to move around the island.

We’ll see then bus lines, fares, timetable and other useful details to move around this wonderful greek island.

If you already had a look at the guide on best beaches in Skiathos or the ten things you can’t miss out in Skiathos , you already noticed that buses in Skiathos are the best way to hang around the island and it lets you reach most of the destinations.

Car rental and Quad or bike rental in Skiathos

Car rentals in Skiathos are available, but I think they are not worth it. You could probably see a couple more beaches in the North of the island if you rent a car in Skiathos, but it would make you waste a lot of time searching for a parking in Skiathos Town or near your accomodation.

Skiathos is a small island large less than ten miles, with just a bunch of paved roads, most of them on the south part of the island and around the town, called “Skiathos Town”.

The other roads are basically stone or sand roads in the middle of the green nature. You may also walk many of them, like for example the one to get to Mandraki Beach.

Additionally you can choose to rent a Quad or motorbike, but there are a bit too many odd reviews about people getting harmed due to bad roads and motor problems or insurance problems… so in that case, pay attention!

Buses in Skiathos

So let’s get back to buses in Skiathos!

It’s very simple. There are only two lines: green line to get (only) to the Evangelistras Monastery and the red line that cross the entire island through the main street on the south coast, stopping at 26 bus stops.

Green Line

Departing from the school parking in Skiathos Town, facing the road crossing at Skiathos new port.

There’s no specific lane or bus stop, you’ll probably see just a piece of paper sticked to a tree with the timetable.

It just stops in front of the monastery and you pay the ticket on board to the driver. If memory still helps me it should run 4 times in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

Despite the name don’t expect to see a “green bus” coming to you: when I took it a red 12 sits minibus came 🙂

Red Line

The Red Line is the most interesting part about buses in Skiathos, obviously.

The first stop of the red line is the same departure stop of the green line, the school parking; then it stops at 26 stops through all the island.

Most of the 26 stops are located near a beach, and they are called with their number by the driver assistant.

If you want to see the exact location for each stop, you should download on your smartphone the Maps.me app and get the detailed Skiathos maps.

Or you can read my guide to the best Skiathos beaches where I’m giving you the number of the best stop for each beach!

Autobus a Skiathos
Typical style of Skiathos’ green line bus stops

Buses in Skiathos running on the green line are not all similar, so again don’t expect to see a green bus coming. You can recognize them because of the sign “Skiathos-Koukounarie” written with Greek alphabet on top of the window and/or a smaller sign “local bus”.

Tickets for Skiathos buses

Tickets are sold directly on board from the driver assistant, and they’re priced 1.60 euros from short run crossing about “half island” (for example from stop 1 to stop 14), or 2 euros for longer trips.

Driver’s assistant will ask you which stop you’re going while selling you the ticket, and he will shout the bus number in advance while approaching it, so you shouldn’t get lost.

There are no multiple tickets or daily/weekly tickets available, so just bring with you lot of coins 😀

Timetables for buses in Skiathos

Green line timetable is different with the season, but you’ll find the current timetable sticked on most of the stops that has a seat box.

Anyway you have a bus every 15 minutes in the summer or every half an hour in the winter, starting from 7am until midnight.

Don’t stick too much at the clock, because when there are lots of people taking the bus the journey duration can raise up to 30 minutes resulting in delays.

Big advice: if you are visiting Skiathos in high peak season, try to jump on the bus on the first stops, i.e. 1 to 4 going west or 26 to 23 going back, so you can probably find a seat; buses in fact keep bringing up people with no limits (and it can get reeeeally crowded at certain times) 😆

Bus to Skiathos airport?

Spoiler: there’s no bus anymore.

There was a third blue bus line in Skiathos, reading some internet website, that used to depart from the same stop, go to the airport and then end its journey at Xanemos Beach, the beach located to the north side of the airport runaway.

I asked to a driver but this line doesn’t run anymore.

How to get to Skiathos airport then?

So you still have 3 ways to get to Skiathos airport:

  • Go by foot, it’s about 1 mile from the airport to Skiathos Town, and the are no hills in the middle.
  • Check if your hotel has a shuttle service to bring you there. Some of them bring their guests for free.
  • Go by taxi with 12 euros: but pay attention as taxi drivers are pretty annoying… when I landed in Skiathos, while I was waiting with my friends the shuttle coming from our hotel, I’ve been hooked up 3 times by the same taxi drivers.
    The first time they asked my destination, and I said thanks but I was waiting my shuttle; at a second time they came saying that my shuttle wouldn’t come for sure and I had to be fast to take a taxi because in a few minutes they would have gone; the third time they said something else that I didn’t understard but contained the word “police”….

Now that you know all about buses in Skiathos, it’s time to catch it to see the best beaches in Skiathos !

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